• Reverse image search

    Search by image in Google and Yandex. Available for any social networks profile (with photo) and for maltego.Image entity.

  • information about skype email and phone

    Checking Twitter/Ebay by email or phone. Additional information about Skype/Facebook profiles.

    Recently we added 5 new Maltego transforms: [Twitter] Check User (by phone or email)- this 2 transforms return information about is there Twitter user with this credentials. If the user exists and there is additional email/phone, then a part of the second entity will be returned. [Ebay] Get info from password recovery page – this transform uses email […]

  • SL database

    You can find a new transform [SL DB] Search, which work from Person, Company, Email, Phone, Location, Postcode, Search, Domain, Phrase entities. This transform search in our collection of data indexes*. What inside: Part 1 – yellowpages for about 15 countries with fields: company name, cathegory, website, phone number, fax, full address, city, country, postcode, […]

  •, and wikileaks

    These resources contain an enormous number of documents where you can find data about companies, people, news, data leaks (mostly of a political nature). These sites are also very useful for investigative journalism. To explore this sources, there are 3 transforms: [DocumentCloud] Search [OCCRP] Search [Wikileaks] Search You can run them on Person, Company, Phrase, Search, […]

  • Retrieving information from URLs

    In recent months, we have added a large number of transformations that significantly expand the existing functionality. Not all of them are simple to use. So we will try to explain how they work. And to start, we offer a short video describing the new possibilities when working with links.  

  • New Movie – Facebook Hidden Friends

    Demonstration of obtaining hidden friends. We checked Mark Zuckerberg hidden friends:) This is the first video in a series on Facebook.

  • Github

    Github is extremely interesting for research. It has a large number of entry points and a clear structure for building connections. Additional interest is the analysis of the contents of the files in the repositories: programming code, datasheets, json/csv/txt files, ip-addresses, domains etc. We have tried to make your research easier and flexible. The entry […]

  • Tweets and Discounts

    Added search tweets – from Person, Search, Phrase and Company entities. And.. if you are thinking about SL subscription, it’s a good day to start. 30-31 march available coupon code with 30% discount: endOfMarch (for 6 months and 1 year subscriptions). Just paste it while ordering Good luck and have fun:)

  • Day limits

    We increased day limits, so for now it’s 1000 for 1 month subscription, 1500 for 6 month and 2000 for 1 year. Don’t forget that [Convert] transforms are totally free.

  • Transforms Update

    Please update your transforms list in Transform Hub to get new transforms: Search for resumes in, twitter followers/following, pinterest followers/following, converting phone numbers, search twitter users (by alias, person name, company, hashtag), get Facebook user co-workers. Also was improved skype transforms (now with photo), instagram followers/following to get more results.

  • Social Links Personal Area

    We are pleased to announce a personal area for users of SocialLinks. It’s available at So, what you can get by using it: 1. Daily statistics of available/used transforms, latest news and information about your subscription (if you already got subscription, just paste your key in “SocialLinks API” -> “Premium”). 2. Now you can […]