Our mission: to provide our clients with
the information necessary to achieve their goals.
We are actively developing, trying to meet the needs of very different companies, regardless of the direction of their business or location. We are very serious about the anonymity of our customers. And impose stringent quality criteria to the provided data.

Our Cases

Security & Intelligence
Collection and visualization of data that will help determine illegal ways of distributing content and copyright infringement.
Search the data necessary for your business from a variety of network resources for the development of ideas and achievement of goals.
Social Networks
Access to visualization of people's relationships in social networks, knowledge about their preferences, hobbies, activities, finding useful data for understanding your target audience.

What's new

  • New Functionality of the Social Links
  • Reverse image search
  • Checking Twitter/Ebay by email or phone
  • Search by email address
  • occrp.org, documentcloud.org and wikileaks
  • Video About Facebook Hidden Friends
  • New GitHub Transformations

New Functionality of the Social Links

29 September 2017
We are happy to inform you that our team has improved the functionality of the Social Links for Maltego and enriched the database. You will have many new options and opportunities. Enjoy all the possibilities!