• Reverse image search

    Search by image in Google and Yandex. Available for any social networks profile (with photo) and for maltego.Image entity.

  • Retrieving information from URLs

    In recent months, we have added a large number of transformations that significantly expand the existing functionality. Not all of them are simple to use. So we will try to explain how they work. And to start, we offer a short video describing the new possibilities when working with links.  

  • New Movie – Facebook Hidden Friends

    Demonstration of obtaining hidden friends. We checked Mark Zuckerberg hidden friends:) This is the first video in a series on Facebook.

  • Instagram video

  • Basic search via email and retrieving data from profiles

    Getting Facebook, Foursquare, Skype user profiles from email. Visualization relations with friends, place of work, study, other accounts, etc.