Social Links Personal Area

We are pleased to announce a personal area for users of SocialLinks. It’s available at So, what you can get by using it:
1. Daily statistics of available/used transforms, latest news


and information about your subscription (if you already got subscription, just paste your key in “SocialLinks API” -> “Premium”).

2. Now you can increase your day limit by adding social tokens for the social networks.


3. Ability to save entities from Maltego to html files on your google drive. Examples:
To start using this feature, make authorization by your google account in “Connect Storage” -> “Google Drive”.

4. Wishlists (please, use it – this way you can get the transforms, you really need).
5. Personal dictionaries – they will be used in a various searches, and the results will be more accurate.


Please note that all this is true for owners of commercial Maltego license. Meanwhile, yes, we are working on a special version for Maltego CE. And if you want to be among the first who will get an access, or want to make possible it appearance in a shorter time, contact us, we are always open for collaboration and appreciate any contribution to the development of our project.

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