Blog, and wikileaks

Case sudy with Social Links
These resources contain an enormous number of documents where you can find data about companies, people, news, data leaks (mostly of a political nature). These sites are also very useful for investigative journalism.

To explore this sources, there are 3 transforms:

  • [DocumentCloud] Search
  • [OCCRP] Search
  • [Wikileaks] Search

You can run them on Person, Company, Phrase, Search, Email entities. Use quotation marks to refine your search.

To provide more flexibility, we print the results of Wikileaks first as categories (with the number of found documents). After that, you can get search results by specific category (or all at once).

For OCCRP and Wikileaks you can use SocialLinks transform [Document] To Entities, or Paterva entities extraction. DocumentCloud implement Thompson Reuters entities extraction mechanism. It works quite good, and we integrated it.

If you know another useful sources, please contact us.