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Access to information and its structuring has become incredibly easy
Investigate data about people, companies, events, places, and connections.
Find personal and business affiliations. Search social media traces, opinions, various corporate and network data.
No programming skills needed. Start with a phone number, e-mail, URL, name, photo or Alias. Easily visualize your data in 2 minutes no matter how big it is.
With Social Links you get access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, DarkWeb, OССRP, Offshores Leaks, and 40+ other sources together with 1000+ search methods.

Our Cases

Discover full Social Media presence of target individual
Person's name and foto is enough to find his account in Social media by 1 click
Map crime group structure and affiliation
It's possible to analyse internal and external links between people, events, and companies. Visualisation helps to identify core elements inside the group. Analysis can be run on any amount of input elements.
Find Social Media content by Geo
Search witnesses or monitor situation in particular location. Social Links offers a geo-fencing tool to search for a photo or video content, Social Media pages and places in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter-based by geo-coordinates.
Darknet Search
You can search by main darknet marketplaces and crime forums without authorisation
Identify person behind digital credentials
Vast combination of sources and connectors to databases such as Pipl support successful accomplishment of data enrichment and identification task.
Social Networks
Access to visualization of people's relationships in social networks, knowledge about their preferences, hobbies, activities, finding useful data for understanding your target audience.

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Our Products

Social Links FOR MALTEGO
Convenient working tool for researching, analyzing and structuring the information received.
Free access to the information retrieval application SocialLinks Community Edition in Maltego.
Social Links API
We provide an opportunity to integrate the SL search engine with your business through the API.

What's new

In the summer of 2019, SocialLinks announced the release of an unusual set of tools and services: Predefined search methods that work on the DarkNet.
Since the beginning of Social Links, we have been looking for a way to search and compare users’ profiles in various social networks. And finally, we have created it!!!
Social Links present Face recognition is a new transformation designed to search people in open sources from photos.