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Investigate and find evidence
in Social Media, DarkNet,
Open Sources and Blockchains

Social Links provides instruments for OSINT methods that are used by the world's leading investigation and law enforcement agencies
Perform a whole week of manual work in 1 hour
Reduces time drastically
Explore social medias, darknet, corporate and retail data
More than 90% of search queries are gathered in a real time
Covers big range of sources
Requires no coding
Real time investigations
Comes with tutorials and a training program

Use cases

Uncover and match information about specific individuals in a broad range of social media and web resources

Discover full Social Media
presence of target individual

Map out entire group hierarchies with detailed information about members and their connections to individuals and organisations

Map group structure
and members affiliation

Use geo to identify the location of the object of the investigation in social media channels

Find Social Media content
by Geo

Explore the DarkNet and its forums and marketplaces for specific individuals, products or services

Search darknet forums
and marketplaces

Use digital footprints to trace them to the individual, negating attempts at anonymity

Identify person behind
digital credentials

Conduct in-depth cryptocurrency movements and wallet details on blockchains

Cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis

Explore how Social Links powers investigations in various fields from Law Enforcements to Journalism
Social Links software provides more than 700 various methods and transforms to connect information about people, accounts, activities, organisations and events

A web based tool for common cases


Custom and private corporate solution


Full Maltego
Classic/XL add-on


Integration into
customers enviroment



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«I use Social Links every day for my investigations, I'm not sure how I've managed all these years without it»

Security Manager

Government Agency
«Our unit efficiency has increased around 30% since we introduced Social Links»

OSINT analyst

Law Enforcement Agency
«I'd say out of all the transforms I tested for Maltego, Social Links was the most helpful»

Lead Security Engineer

Finance and Banking
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