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Social Links was founded in 2015. The concept underlying the basis of operations of Social Links products emerged from the practice of operations performed in the banking sector and the needs of services security and analytical departments that required tools for conducting quick search and analysis of information. Traditionally, such investigations were carried out manually, required a lot of time and effort, and access to restricted departmental databases.

In 2016, the company released its first commercial product, Social Links Pro, and immediately attracted the interest of European law enforcement agencies as its first clients. Social Links has since been releasing new information search methods on a biweekly basis. In 2019, the company opened an office in the Netherlands and released the long-awaited DarkNet search automation engine, and announced the flagship version of its product – Social Links Box, which is designed to meet the requirements of the largest customers and corporations. The company is currently focused on developing simple solutions for a wide range of specialists, simplifying daily manual work and elevating the analysis of information to modern standards of convenience and processing speeds.


5 years of experience
in data mining methods
Clients from more
than 50 countries
Leading European
OSINT training partners
Headquarter in
Amsterdam, Netherlands

More than 300 clients all over the world

CEO, Co-founder
Head of Sales

Andrey Kulikov

Ivan Shkvarun

Anastasia Kornilova


Customer Success Manager

Tim Steel

Product Manager
Project Manager

Aleksey Molokanov

Sonya Oronova

Gleb Sychev

Head of Marketing