19 July 2018
Social Links present the Face recognition is a new transformation designed to search people in open sources from photos.
26 June 2018
The SocialLinks offers to purchase a set of Maltego Classic and an annual license SocialLinks PRO at a special price
19 March 2018
SocialLinks database - is a graph database, in which we have already uploaded about 7 billion.
29 September 2017

We offer you to subscribe on SL 1 year [Pro] plan until the 7th of October and receive a 25% discount! You save $ 570  and get more opportunities to achieve your goals!

29 September 2017
We are happy to inform you that our team has improved the functionality of the Social Links for Maltego and enriched the database. You will have many new options and opportunities. Enjoy all the possibilities! 
17 September 2017
Search by image in Google and Yandex. Available for any social networks profile (with photo) and for maltego.Image entity.
17 September 2017
Checking Twitter/Ebay by email or phone. Additional information about Skype/Facebook profiles.
17 September 2017
The current list of sources to search by email address. And a screenshot, which demonstrate the work of our new transform [SL DB] To Emails @domain.
17 September 2017
You can find a new transform [SL DB] Search, which work from Person, Company, Email, Phone, Location, Postcode, Search, Domain, Phrase entities. This transform search in our collection of data indexes.