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You can find a new transform [SL DB] Search, which work from Person, Company, Email, Phone, Location, Postcode, Search, Domain, Phrase entities. This transform search in our collection of data indexes*.
What inside:
Part 1
  • yellowpages for about 15 countries with fields: company name, cathegory, website, phone number, fax, full address, city, country, postcode, sometimes email, top management (person name and position), mobile phone number, employees count.
  • whitepages for about 12 countries with fields person name, phone, full address, postcode, city, country, sometimes email, mobile phone number, incorporation date.
  • information about companies for about 40 countries with fields: company name, location, address, city, postcode, website, phone, fax, incorporation date, employees count, company type, top management (person name and position).
Part 2
We also included data from various sources:
  • domains information
  • information from social networks, services etc.
Please note, that we have no plans to updating this data. Moreover, the part of this information can be outdated. But this is a plus and a minus at the same time. Because in online sources data is changed with time. And the risk that tomorrow you will not find that found today, is great enough.
At the same time we will be adding more sources to our database.
All data that we provide to our customers can be found in open access on the Internet and do not violate the law.
We have done a great job of collecting and processing these data. So have added special price categories: Pro and Pro 1 year. For all other users are available 12 results per transform. Some data sources will be available only for owners of Pro licenses. If you are just testing our product, or are already our customers, on request we are ready to provide full access for 7 days. To do this, please contact us via the feedback form on this site or from the The transition from the old pricing plan to Pro is also available.
*For indexing and searching we use our own developed software, which can be used on structured or unstructured documents, text files, email files (msg,eml, imap) and also for mysql, mssql, mongodb databases.
This allows us to quickly search large indexes (more terabytes) without the need to maintain a connection with the database. So if you are thinking to work with your data in Maltego, we are ready to make this integration as easily as possible.
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