Social links updates november 2019

Darknet 3 new marketplaces, increased limit of results, error recovery
  • 3 new marketplaces added for DarkNet search
  • Limit of search results updated from 2000 results to 10000
  • Fixed errors in property value for several entities
If you are interested in a link to our new Digital Demo: How to Search DarkNet With Social Links, please connect with us at sales@mtg-bi.com.
Twitter - advanced search added
New Entity added [Twitter advance search]. See list of search criteria for new entity below:
VKontakte (CIS region social network) - new detail Search
Detail search Person for Vkontakte added, similar to Facebook search by Person (Full name / Company / Age / Date of birth).
Now you can search multimedia content in VKontakte from [Circular Area] entity. A Circular area entity is represented by GPS coordinates and a radius around the coordinates. The entity value is written in the following format separated by commas {lon, lat, radius}.
About VKontakte: 97 mln users reside on vk.com, the largest social media platform in Russia, popular in the CIS region. Older audience groups use it for market research, business, and sharing articles, while the youngsters go with it for entertainment purposes. The platform offers gaming, image-, video- and text- posting options, likes and comments, as well as sales and payment tools.
Telegram search updated
Using entity [Phrase], you can now search Telegram Channels / Groups by Messages / Public Chats.
Option to get Entity Telegram account from a URL link added. This transform simply extracts a Telegram's chat / channel name from the URL. This is especially useful when you have a lot of Telegram URLs (that came from other transforms or outside Maltego, added with Maltego's Import wizard).
Coming soon: Signal, WhatsApp, and other messengers!
Facebook User search updated — default problem with timeout fixed
Coming soon: 8chan, also known as
Infinitechan or Infinitychan (stylized as ∞chan), a popular imageboard website composed of user-created message boards, joined the list of platforms Social Links works with. Owners moderate their own boards, with minimal interaction from site administration.
YouTube - search by Geo
Maltego has a default timeout of 2 minutes for transforms. This means if a transform does not provide a result within two minutes, the transform will fail. And, in the same time, you will get results in amounts possible to get over 2 minutes (it depends on many factors, including internet connection speed). To provide our clients with full results, SocialLinks started adding a special transform we call «delayed».
[Facebook] Search Users (delayed) transform added.
You can already use similar types of transforms like [Facebook] Get User Posts (delayed), [Facebook] Group Members (delayed), [Linkedin] Profile exists (delayed), and [Twitter] Advanced Search (delayed).
Check accounts on Social Networks and Messengers via
You can check if a Person has an account using their email or phone on Instagram,
MySpace, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Weibo.
With Social Links, you can use 25+ transformations to search MyMail, Skype, Foursquare, etc using [E-mail] and [Phone] entities. We regularly add new transforms and resources.
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