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22 July 2019
SocialLinks presents a set of transformations for finding information in private Marketplaces and crime-forums in DarkNet.
18 July 2019
​​​​Today, every company is interested in high-quality human resources. After all, exactly employees implement the main development strategy of any business. And where there is an effective personnel policy, the tasks set are carried out more efficiently, which means that the main goal is achieved faster.
16 June 2019

We live in the age of high information technology, social networks, and accounts. Someone likes it, someone doesn't, and someone tries to hide and not appear in any social network, deleting all passwords and registrations. 

11 June 2019
Today search queries to Facebook like bring to investigators no results. However, a loophole is still there!
15 April 2019
February 12, 2019 @GhostSquadHack group released a massive leak on Islamic State Telegram and Whatsapp group's/channel's administrators.
08 February 2019
For those of you who have recently updated Maltego to 4.2. version, Social Links Entities may fail to display names, but only ID’s (i.e. just numbers).
06 February 2019
We present new SocialLinks Transformations for searching media on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter by geo coordinates within a given circular area.
20 December 2018
SocialLinks in collaboration with the project presents the set of new entities and transformations for research activities on the blockchain platform Ethereum.
10 December 2018
Social Links streamlines evidence-based journalism by provides tools for fast fact checking: there was recently a story fold by some news agency about