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   Social Links is happy to announce Jörn Weber from corma as an official training provider of Social Links for Maltego in Europe and in the German-speaking countries exclusively.
   In his years as a senior police detective Jörn Weber mainly worked homicide, fraud and cybercrime cases. With corma he specializes since 20 years in corporate investigations to uncover fraudulent and damaging actions, stop financial losses and provide corporate security. Mr. Weber was trained in Maltego by Paterva (Andrew Mcpherson) and completed OSINT and investigation trainings offered by Michael Bazzell, Chris Pallaris, Hetherington Group, ACFE, and HP, among others.
   corma offers intensive workshops for Social Links in the corma headquarters in Brüggen, Germany. With a duration of one day and 4 participants per group at most, corma's intensive workshops are ideal for addressing all aspects of the complex topic as well as the participants' individual needs. The corma team uses Social Links daily to come up with viable solutions for our clients. The workshops at corma are therefore very practice-oriented and based on specific workflows that the corma team has developed.
Also, corma provides tailor-made inhouse training for the clients wherever it’s required.
Schedule Training:
   corma offers a flexible choice of dates for the Social Links workshops. If you register two or more Social Links users, your preferred date for the workshop can be arranged. Please follow the link for more information on corma's Social Links workshops:
About corma:
   corma is not only an experienced training provider in the area of research and investigation. The company is specialized in corporate investigations. The aim is solving companies' security challenges with in-depth investigative results. corma offers investigations to identify threats for a company, helps to fight counterfeiting and provides investigative intelligence solutions.