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Explore the Ethereum platform with SocialLinks and

Ethereum is one of the TOP 10 biggest blockchain platforms. More than half a million transactions totaling $300 million are made daily on the platform. Dozens of new tokens and ICO projects appear every week. At the moment, the size of the platform database is about 670 GB. In such a volume of data, it is not an easy task to analyze the chain of transactions or the behavior of token owners. It requires time and certain skills. Data representation in the form of a graph simplifies significantly this task and reduces the time expenditure for decision making.

SocialLinks in collaboration with the project presents the set of new entities and transformations for research activities on the blockchain platform Ethereum.

Five new entities and more than ten transformations are available now to all PRO users of SocialLinks! It is enough for building a complete graph of interactions between addresses, transactions, tokens and Ethereum smart contracts.
Thanks to the service you obtain comprehensive information about transactions and addresses in real time. In addition, you get analytical data, such as the original transaction address, the transaction destination address, and other cash flow aspects.

You can find the full list of transactions and its description on our website.
Check it out and get your advantages!