Facebook Manual 1: Search for users


SocialLinks provide transformations to search for Facebook users for entities:
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Alias
  • Person
  • SearchPerson (new)

Let’s see an example of old search by Person:

This type of search returns up to 100 results and supports most of the current languages.
However, our new search has much more capabilities. It uses new entity, which can be find on Palette:

There are no required fields except the need to fill one of them. It can be a usual Full name:

Or a combination of parameters:

The next screenshot shows the result of the search of ExxonMobil employees, who visited Iraq:

The intersection of Employees of Barclay's companies and Goldman Sachs:

Note: You can use a multiple entities names in one field separated by ##. The other important thing, that you can use facebook ids of Pages, Places to get more accurate results.
For example, Islamists in London:



Standard subscription/1-year license - 100 results per transformation.
Pro subscription/1-year license - 500 results per transformation.