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Facebook Search

  Facebook has completely disabled the graph search. We have found alternatives for the biggest part of our transformations in advance. For the remaining search-methods will be presented with alternatives in the near future. At the moment the following transformations are working:

[Facebook] Get User Details
[Facebook MF] Search Relations
[Facebook] Get Commentators (from a photo)
[Facebook] Photo Comments
[Facebook] Photo Details
[Facebook] Photo Likes
[Facebook] Reposts от фото
[Facebook] Comment Likes
[Facebook] Get User Posts
[Facebook] Post Comments
[Facebook] Reposts (from a post)
[Facebook] Get Commentators (from a post)
[Facebook] Post Comments
[Facebook] Post Likes
[Facebook] Post Details
[Facebook] Video Detail
[Facebook] Video Likes
[Facebook] Reposts (from a video)
[Facebook] Video Comments
[Facebook] Get Commentators (from a video)
[Facebook F] Friends
[Facebook] Followers
[Facebook] Get User Albums
[Facebook] Get Album Photos
[Facebook] User Groups
[Facebook] To Group Details
[Facebook] To Group Details
[Facebook] Group Members 
[Facebook] Group Videos
[Facebook MF] Get Mutual Friends
[Facebook] To Page Details
[Facebook] Page Feed Posts
[Facebook] Page Posts
[Facebook] Page Videos
[Facebook] To Facebook Entity
[Facebook] Search Person
[Facebook] Search Users
[Facebook] Search Pages 
[Facebook] Search Places
[Facebook] To Place Details
[Facebook] Place Videos
[Facebook] Place Feed Posts
[Facebook] Place Events
[Facebook] Search Groups
[Facebook] Search Events
[Facebook] Search Photos (from Facebook Media Search)
[Facebook] Search Posts (from Facebook Media Search)
[Facebook] User Groups
[Facebook] Mutual Groups
[Facebook] Relatives
[Facebook] Photos by Geo
[Facebook] Videos by Geo
[Facebook] Photos in Page
[Facebook] Photos in Place
[Facebook] Page Residents
[Facebook] Place Residents
[Facebook] Posts Tagged for profile/page/place
[Facebook] Studied with

We continue to look for alternative ways to obtain information and will soon restore most of the Facebook Graph Search functionality.

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