Do you have Maltego Classic / XL installed at your PC?


What is a SocialLinks transforms?

We provide an access to the set of 500+ transforms, available in Maltego (see for details). Each transform returns information about input entity (email address, phone number, person or company name, IP-address, domain, social network profile, alias or username, image, location, GPS coordinates, keyword or phrase etc). The result of transforms represented as a graph of linked entities and can be used for continuous research.

Please, take a look at our gallery/video section for examples.

What sources of information do you use?

We use a very wide list of sources, which is constantly updated. It can be separated into two major parts: online and offline. The 95% of transforms use online (i.e. you get information in real-time) sources: the data from social networks, companies registers, various APIs, services and search engines.

The rest of the transforms use SocialLinks database (SL DB, more details) which contains more than 7 billion records about people, companies, and their connections. Although only 5% of transforms use this source, the amount of useful data is very high. In SL DB there is an information on 50+ countries. It also includes very good datasets about the USA...

How can I use your transforms in Maltego CE (Free Community Edition)?

We prepared a special set of transforms for Maltego CE. This set is available in Maltego Transform Hub and totally free. However, the full list of SocialLinks transforms available only in Maltego Classic or XL. The main reason is that there is no sense to get 12 results per transform when there are a 1000 results.

Do you have a free trial period?

Yes, you can register at (SocialLinks Customers Area) and a free license key for a week will be sent to your email address. In addition, you can contact us and get the extended license key.

How can I get full access to SocialLinks transforms?

You can choose a pricing plan. We can send a quotation if you want to pay using bank transfer or purchase more than 2 annual licenses (the discounts are possible).

I have a 2 (or more) Maltego licenses. How many SL licenses I need?

You can use one SL license on any number of computers. The only limit - is a number of available transforms per day. If you need a special pricing plan - contact us.

What is a daily transforms limit?

Each pricing plan has a transforms limit per day. When you run any SL transform your daily limit will be decreased on 1. For example, the users of a Standard 1-month subscription can execute 1000 transforms per day.

What is a difference between 1 month and 1-year licenses?

The 1-month license is a subscription and it will auto-renew until you will cancel it. The 1-year license can only be renewed manually (i.e. no automatic payment after 1 year). Comparision of the types of licenses you can find in price.

How can I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel subscription via the website ( - our payment agregator) or by sending a message to (please add to the message you license key).

Do you provide a discount?

Yes. If you want to purchase more than 2 annual licenses or 1 license with the duration of more than 2 years we will provide a discount. We also can make a discount for law enforcement, education institutions and of course to our partners (see the Partnership section of this site).