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ISIS Leak from GhostSquadHack

February 12, 2019 @GhostSquadHack group released a massive leak on Islamic State Telegram and Whatsapp group's/channel's administrators. The group successfully infiltrated the Islamic state community on encrypted communication applications and exposed the administrators by using malware and exploits.
Now you can get all the data in one place. We have enriched SocialLinks Database  with hacked phones/mobile devices, hacked Telegram accounts, hacked Facebook and Twitter accounts, credit cards, geolocation data, government-issued ID cards, and IP logs belonging to the administrators. So you can rapidly check any information belonging to terrorist networks.
Data access is available to PRO and CE SocialLinks users.

  [SL DB] Islamic By Email form Email entity

[SL DB] Islamic By Alias form Alias entity

[SL DB] Islamic By Phone form Phone entity

[SL DB] Islamic By IP form IP Address entity