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Monitoring of IP Infringements

Social Links specializes in searching and researching of any information on the Internet in many different ways.  We have already proved to be professionals and have a number of good reviews.  We offer qualified services to identify copyright infringements and search for those who organized the illegal distribution of your products.

For example, we can search some data by the name of the torrent file that you are interested in. As you can see, it is possible to find the first person who posted an illegal copy of the product. Our plugin will show you the IP, date, time, etc. It is possible to find a lot of useful information using IP, including phone numbers and emails (about 20%, associated with this IP address).

Even deeper! We can offer some benefits just for you, like searching in social networks, in a DarkNet and any sources that you want. Also we define a hash of each torrent file and can find all of the websites on which it was posted. Then if you want it we can find much more information about this username or some details from these websites.

We can give you real-time access so that you can monitor the changes by yourself and react quickly to them. The data on the servers is updated quickly, and therefore it is possible to detect the offender and block the distribution of any illegal copy of your product immediately. 

We are ready to save your time and offer to work offline. Our team can set up alerts for your keywords. And if we detect any suspicious activity, you will receive a letter containing full information. It is also possible to send statistics and data analysis at any frequency that will be convenient for you.