Do you have Maltego Classic / XL installed at your PC?

New Functionality of the Social Links

We are happy to inform you that our team has improved the functionality of the Social Links for Maltego and enriched the database. You will have many new options and opportunities.

Let’s show you what changes were made:
  • The Search for People, Companies, Aliases, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers in SL DB has been completely updated.

  • We have added more than 150 new sources of information. And now the SL DB contains more than 3.5 billion records!

  • New Transformations:
    • Search for email by IP and IP by E-mail
    • Search by IP-address mask (i.e. 74.207.243.*)
  • Some stats for this transformations:
    • 116,077,033 - unique IP addresses
    • 170,232,753 - unique E-mails
    • 194,223,989 - E-mail bindings with IP

  • A new option for FB friends transformation. You can see the full list of friends (5000)!

And access to the available data in SL DB about Facebook profiles!