Do you have Maltego Classic / XL installed at your PC?

New GitHub Transformations

Github is extremely interesting for research. It has a large number of entry points and a clear structure for building connections. Additional interest is the analysis of the contents of the files in the repositories: programming code, datasheets, json/csv/txt files, ip-addresses, domains etc. We have tried to make your research easier and flexible.

The entry points: Person, EmailAddress, ip-address, Website, Domain, DNSName, Alias, Company.
Also you can use github.profile (alias as input), github.repository (“alias/repsoitory name” as input) and Search (anything as input:) ) entities.

List of Transforms:

  • Search User (by Name, Email, Alias)
  • Search Repository
  • User Followers/Followings/Subscriptions/Starred Repositories
  • User Repositories
  • Repository Forks/Stargazers/Subscribers/Contributors
  • Repository Owner
  • Github File to Code (This Transform returns URLs and in Detail View you will see file content)

We made a sample graph of Maltego Community in Github, you can download it at