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OSINT Italian Academy

SocialLinks has certified training provider of SocialLinks for Maltego in Italy and Europe.

Mr. Reitano is known as one of the best OSINT researcher and analyst. He was trained by most sound OSINT experts - from Arno Reuser to Chris Pallaris and Andrew Mcpherson from Paterva. In 2018 he has founded the first OSINT Academy in Italy. Mr. Reitano has trained many top-notch digital investigators in the most important Italian companies. He is currently an OSINT trainer of the Italian governmental organizations.

Mr. Reitano is available in European countries. He is an exclusive Social Links training provider in Italy for local companies and private individuals for training Maltego + Social Links.

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Leonida Reitano Media Studies Ph.D. and McLuhan Fellow since February 2003. Mr. Reitano set up the first Investigative Journalism Master Degree held in Italy at the University of Urbino. In 2018 he has founded the OSINT Italian Academy,  the first of its kind established in Italy.
He’s the most sought-after Internet Researcher (OSINT), author of the first Italian handbook on Open Source Intelligence for Journalists.
Mr. Reitano was a speaker in several international conferences and among them Hackon 2015 The Norwegian national cybersecurity conference.
He has trained with most important OSINT trainers from Arno Reuser to  Chris Pallaris, to Andrew Mcpherson (Paterva).