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We believe that our product is much more than a tool for working with data. We do our best to be useful in a variety of industries. Therefore, we consider partnerships on the part of mutual assistance in the search, preservation and multiplication of information: cybersecurity, scientific and humanitarian research, journalistic investigations, marketing and media.

We understand that one of the most important and demanded services is a cybersecurity and that the clients expect developers and vendors to work together to create security solutions that truly protect their valuable assets. Thats why we are ready for cooperation and co-branding with companies developing software for social media and cybersecurity. Our database and transformations can serve as an excellent tool and enrich the capabilities of any software for searching and working with data. 

The Social Links team considers options for cooperation in all media and social spheres. We are interested in having a partners in systems integration industry and consulting because we care about our clients receive advice quickly and securely. Learning to work with our product and promoting it will bring many benefits to the expansion of the client base for both sides of partnership.

We are interested not only in B2B partnering but also in cooperation with individuals. We are ready to provide access to our database and transformations list in exchange for your knowledge and skills. If you can share with us sources and ideas that will help to improve our product then we will be able to give access to a convenient tool for your research or needs.

With great pleasure we will take note of all your suggestions and ideas. Please fill out the form on the website by selecting the "Partnership" item.