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Social Links PRO for Maltego Classic / XL
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Messengers now in Social Links
Telegram is the first added messenger to Social Links. Coming soon: Signal, What’s app and others!  
You can make a search in Telegram by Alias, Phone number or Phrase. Extract account details, account photos of a user. For extracted user photos you can search accounts in other Social Media using Face recognition – in Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter, etc.
Also, you can get Group info and Group members.

Enhanced search in Pipl with Social Links - added match criteria
Social Links have updated entity [Pipl search] inside Maltego Classic/XL. Please read here how to update Entity [PIPL search] for correct work and detail about Pipl search updates here. Pipl is the world's leader in true identity solutions with access to over 3 billion identities.
List of Social Links updates for Pipl search:
  1. match criteria option added for search parameters,  
  2. “AND/OR search operators” added, so you can get a “perfect” match or list of all possible matches,
  3. you can get inside Maltego original JSON output with full searched data provided by Pipl.

More detail information regarding all PIPL search configuration parameters you can find at the official PIPL website

With “match requirements” by ticking a checkmark ✔ you can specify minimum criteria which a person must meet, in order to be returned as search result from Pipl database. If the criteria isn’t met, you will receive an empty response and won’t be charged. Available Match criteria are: name, address, phone, URL social profile, and others. At Entity Palette there is [Pipl Search] entity. With this entity, you can call transformation [Pipl API] search and make searching in the Pipl database by various independent parameters.

To conduct  transformation [Pipl API] search with Social Links inside Maltego it is required to register in the Pipl web site and purchase the Pipl API key. The Pipl search is billed per match (NOT ANNALY) and you can also choose different tariff plans depending on which information you would like to get. See the actual price here.


Check accounts in Social Networks and Messengers
by phone and e-mail
You can check the weather a person has an account in Twitter, Amazon, Flickr, Linkedin, by phone and email.
List of new transformations (search methods) to check if User exists in Social Networks, Messengers from respective Entities:
Email: [Flickr] Email to Profile, [SL DB] Get LinkedIn Profile, [Amazon] Profile exists, [Twitter] Check user.
Phone: [Flickr] Email to Profile, [SL DB] Get LinkedIn Profile, [Amazon] Profile exists, [Twitter] Check user.
Totally from E-mail and Phone with Social Links, you can use 25+ transformations to search in MyMail, Skype, Foursquare, etc. We regularly add new transformations and resources.

Coming soon: to check if User exists in Amazon, Flickr by Phone.

Darknet - search Users

Now available search Users in Darknet by Phone, Jabber, ICQ, Email, Telegram, Skype, Other contacts. Darknet – 7 new crime forums and marketplaces added.
Social Links provides a unique search in DarkNet forums and marketplaces without any authorization from July 2019. You can search totally in 30+ DarkNet forums and marketplaces without authorization by Phrase, PGP Key, Alias.
Also, you can get analytics by Products and Locations (shipping from/to). Use transformations [Darknet] Search Products (shipping from), [Darknet] Search Products (shipping to).


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