Do you have Maltego Classic / XL installed at your PC?


We offer a partnership to everyone who is interested in valuable and mutually beneficial marketing opportunities and investments. The capabilities of our product go beyond the scope of the cybersecurity industry and we consider cooperation in marketing agencies, institutes and research centers, publishers and other industries that are interested in reselling our product through their distribution channels, and are considering the possibility of integration with it.

What are the benefits?
  • Individual approach to the partner’s program. It depends on the specifics of your target audience and your goals
  • Knowledge and access to data in the fast-growing market of social media and digital security
  • Access to reference and demo materials to work with SL
  • Consulting and assistance from our team

Being a SL reseller partner enables you to expand your value-added offerings, increase value to your customers, develop new revenue opportunities, and grow your bottom line.

We also want to point out that our partners can be not only companies or organizations, but also private individuals, researchers and journalists. If you are interested in our offer or you have your own, please fill out the form on the website by selecting the "Partnership" item.