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SecurityTrails API provides current and historical data about IP-addresses, domains and other network information for cybersecurity needs.
We integrated Security Trails API in Social Links Transform.
For using this transformation you need a Security Trails API Key. Please, register to get a FREE key.

[Securitytrails] Associated Domains get a list of associated domains.

[Securitytrails] DNS History Field A get changes of DNS Type A field of a domain.

[Securitytrails] DNS History Field MX get changes of DNS Type MX field of a domain.

[Securitytrails] DNS History Field NS get changes of DNS Type NS field of a domain.

[Securitytrails] Domain Details get detailed information about a domain.

[Securitytrails] List Subdomains get a list of Subdomains for the domain.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by Company search domains associated with the Company.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by WHOIS Email search domains associated with the Email.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by IP search domains by IP.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by MX search domains by information in MX field.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by NS search domains by information in NX field.

[Securitytrails] Search Domains by WHOIS Phone search domains associated with the Phone.

[Securitytrails] WHOIS Details  get detailed information about WHOIS-field for the domain.

[Securitytrails] WHOIS History get changes history of WHOIS-field for the domain.