SocialLinks CE in Maltego

SocialLinks presents you free access to the information retrieval application SocialLinks Community Edition in Maltego (CE,
Classic, XL). We offer you a small list from over 400 of our transformations.
After installing SocialLinks CE in Maltego you will be able to:
  • 1. Search User by Email
  • 2. Search Groups, Pages, Events and Places
  • 3. Get Details about Groups, Pages, Events and Places
  • 1. Search by User
  • 2. User Details
  • 3. User Photos
  • 4. Photo Details
  • 1. Search User by Email
  • 2. Search Repositories
  • 3. Repository owner
  • 4. User Details
  • Search User by Email
  • Search User by Email
  • 1. User Details
  • 2. User Friends
  • This transform tries to identify social networks urls and convert them into particular entities.
  • SocialLinks implementation of The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (https://occrp.orCg) API

How to Start

First of all you need a Maltego desktop client (CE, Classic or XL).
Please find our application in Maltego Transform Hub and install it. Then create an account at, you will get a special api-key that is required to be pasted into SL seed settings in Maltego.

Integrations and additional options

FIn addition to Community Users you get Virtual Proxy additional service. Virtual Proxy allows you to get better results for a small fee by using free transformations and access to additional transformations of searches on such resources as:,, To access Virtual Proxy, go to the appropriate section, select the package you like the most and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your interest to SocialLinks CE in Maltego!
SocialLinks Team.