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SocialLinks Database

SocialLinks database - is a graph database, in which we have already uploaded about 7 billion. (6.4 bln. at the end of 2017) records about people, companies, places and their connections.
Most of the data is obtained by parsing a variety of white and yellow pages, company registers, business directories, social networks and other open online sources.

We ensure that fields with the same entities are always called the same, i.e. you can be sure that in the phone field-always there will be only phone numbers, in the field alias - nicknames or usernames, in ip - ip-addresses, etc. This allows searching immediately in the whole database, as well as to supplement the output of the found results with related records.
We also do normalization and cleanup of basic fields .

In building relationships, we use both natural links by clear identifiers (mail, phone, social network ID, IP), and links from the original data source. For example, when one record contains information about a person and company or a list of employees in a company. 

The following is the statistics for the most common fields:
ip  478,681,143
alias  1,230,730,945
email  3,038,293,831
phone  2,446,397,110
person  3,226,921,132
company  746,153,549
postcode  984,098,991
website  408,434,562
address  1,085,447,702
location  883,914,651
city  1,042,831,904
country  784,017,275
vk_id  340,130,506
facebook_id  132,647,101
facebook_alias  60,279,203
ok_id  35,367,487
twitter_alias  118,613,109
linkedin_url  171,266,119
indeed_url  8,495,587
crunchbase_alias  7,625,176
pinterest_alias  11,536,730
googleplus_id  11,855,396
foursquare_id  46,126,373
skype  144,797,316

SL DB contains data from all over the world and serves as a great addition to our online sources.

Based on data from SL DB we made several separate transformations:
  • [SL DB] IP to Emails and [SL DB] Email to IPs
  • [SL DB] IP to Phones and [SL DB] Phone to IPs

  • [SL DB] To Emails @domain