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Social Links offers deep search in socials
In messengers, databases, Darknet forums and marketplaces, analysis and data graph visualization
Provide 700+ search methods
You can download a full list of search methods (transforms) here. Note: You can use the quick search browser option to find the exact source which you are interesting in.
Socials, messengers, databases, Darknet, etc. Full sources list please see below.
Face recognition
Find the 'Target' person's Social media profile using only his photo, upload the photo in Social Links are and scan User profiles on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Image, etc.).
Search by Face
& Name in socials
With 1 click you can check 'Target' person profiles in socials. You need only name and photo.
Search by Geo
Powerful instrument to search social media content.
For Darknet traffic analysis option.
Search by date
In Facebook - search Photos/Videos/Stories by type All/ Liked / Tagged / Commented. Available [Convert] Facebook user profile to Search Media by Date.
In Twitter - from Entity [Advanced Twitter search]. In Instagram - search video by Date, etc.
Mutual connections in Facebook
By one click mutual friends, groups, places, pages liked. One of instrument to identify affiliation.
Darknet without authorization
Search by Phrase, PGP Key, Alias, analytics by Products and Locations (shipping from/to).Web archive saving, image capture, EXIF file.
See video Demo.
Integration with 3rd party services via API
Increase investigation efficiency to get in one workplace powerful instruments, such as Pipl database, Bitcoinwhoswho, Securitytrails, Censys, Shodan, ZoomEye and others.Need API keys from 3rd party services (need to add in Maltego's transform manager).
Option for big data gathering
Analyze Social Media Pages With a Large Following. By default, Maltego platform uses a 2 minutes time limit to process any search request (transforms). Read details.
Advanced search
In Twitter, Facebook (social media by dates), Darknet (search by phrase), match criteria searching in Pipl database (API).
Social Links own database
Social Links database - 7 billion records about people, companies, places and their connections. We collect them from internet leaks.
Face recognition
Not long ago, facial recognition technology seemed more like something out of a science fiction movie than technology you could use from your mobile device. However, we're now seeing a widening landscape of apps that employ facial recognition for a variety of use cases.
Upload photo
target person to Social Links account
Get Places
Get Facebook places by location (GPS or place name)
Get visitors
Get Facebook visitors of this Place (who posted)
Face Recognition
Use Face Recognition method
Facebook profile with name of "Target" person identified
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