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We live in the age of high information technology, social networks, and accounts. Someone likes it, someone doesn't, and someone tries to hide and not appear in any social network, deleting all passwords and registrations. However, the reality of the fact that you can find any information about each user using OSINT Technology was first openly confirmed by the American special services back in the 50s of the 20th century.
And is there today in our world something faster and more accessible than the Internet, in which, as we know, you can find everything and everyone. But the big question is, what more does it give us - benefits or problems? Problems in the amount of available information. After all, it turns out that we do not have the right to choose and the opportunity to go unnoticed in the network. And even a child can cope with such
a simple task as «phone number search».
Those, in turn, understand the importance and uniqueness of their direction and try to do the job qualitatively, constantly expanding the possibilities of search and guarantees. But of course, a number of problems arise that need to be addressed promptly and systemically.
And let's, we will turn on the imagination a bit and remember how much the average user spends today on the Internet and understand the enormous scale of what can be learned with OSINT just by digging a little deeper. Just think about these numbers. According to the statistics of Domo Data Never Sleeps 5.0, this amount of information only on social networks is generated every minute:
  • Snapchat publishes 527,760 photos;
  • Мore than 120 professionals join LinkedIn;
  • YouTube users are watching 4,146,600 videos;
  • 456,000 tweets are sent to Twitter;
  • 46,740 new photos appear on Instagram.
And then there is e-mail, onlıne payments, accounts, hundreds of applications, cloud storage, work sites and services, and much more, which gives us unlimited possibilities in searching and processing any information. But we have not yet considered the appeals to search engines, which according to the latest data all over the world 5 billion per day! Today there is one rule for everyone: if you want to learn something, «google it».
The main difference between the usual network search and OSINT Technology is in the depth of the approach and the availability of various methods and algorithms that help us realize any task: to detect the so-called digital trace of a user on the network, to investigate, to trace the chain of its digital connections.
But there are basic steps that have been verified for effectiveness over the years of this technology. They can be used depending on the search task and the initial data that you have.
  1. Determine what source information you have (photo, name, email address, etc.)
  2. Determine the ultimate goal that you want to know.
  3. With the help of certain services to collect information on the network.
  4. To analyse and reverse lookup received information.
  5. Return to search using new received data.
  6. Confirm assumptions or get new ones.
The question arises, how does the OSINT Technology differ from a simple search on the Internet? Mostly, the usual search will end where the OSINT capabilities are just beginning.
But today there are many areas of business where such information is simply necessary. Is this not a fantastic opportunity for a century of high technology to check a person or the whole company for 1 hour of work to minimize the risks of a transaction by almost 100%, ?! No, these are just natural realities of modern life.
There have been dozens of websites for a long time, where you can find information about people or organizations. Advanced search queries for Bing, Yandex and DuckDuckGo, Google Doks and other search engines can give you stunning results. There are websites that specialize in finding people. Usually, these services require several data in order to obtain reliable information.
But there are platforms that have the ability to simultaneously search the entire network, all by one criterion, for example, just by photo, or by e-mail or even IP. And this is just one click away. That is, in one place a huge arsenal of structured information from different resources is available. And it gives us unlimited possibilities - to search the entire world wide web at the same time.
In OSINT Technology there is no uniform methodology and patterned algorithms for investigation, each case is unique and requires an individual approach. And when all the available tricks and tools on a single cloud service, and even clearly and conveniently packaged, such as in Socıal Links, then this service opens the world of OSINT Technologies not only for professionals but also for representatives of big businesses.
For businesses where such deep information is simply necessary to be ahead of the competition in quality and efficiency of internal and external business processes.
HR screening can study the full profile of a potential candidate in any social networks, understand what kind of person it is. Get unique information that just so no one will ever give you: the pages to which he is subscribed, his likes under posts, under photos and videos, his circle of acquaintances and social connections on the subject of affiliation with some media people, public opinion leaders, by groups of people who are at risk for a company (green organizations, terrorist organizations, competing companies, etc.), get an understanding of the potential risks of information leaks or illegal actions to which a person could potentially be involved.
The companies in which the person worked, with which people from these companies are friends and continues the communication, the comments written by him, the additional phone number lookup and so on. That is, understand who hires a job, what to expect from him and what risks may be associated with his hiring.
Due diligence assessment of the company. You can deal with the company's beneficiaries in the same way as HR screening - what kind of people you are connected with, who you work with and are friends with, what interests. This information is used in assessing the risk of a company's purchase transaction, forming a negotiation strategy with owners and managers.
Make important conclusions before making decisions about the media strategy or preventive measures to protect the brand, reputation, organization of events.
You must admit that all this proves once again that no planning, analytics and documentary investigation will give you such results as modern OSINT analogs.
And this means that in the era of digital opportunities information plays a key role, so those who know how to find it will always be one step ahead.
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