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Search by date, geo, photo, connection, and other parameters

Search methods

Social Links creates instruments that power up intelligence and digital investigation activities for more than 5 years

With Social Links you can mine data inside Maltego from 50+ social networks, various web resources, DarkNet, leaked databases, blockchains and use more than 700 search methods empowered with facial recognition software and geolocation search
Social medias, messengers, databases, darknet, blockchains, API's and many more
Search in darknet and web archives by Phrase, PGP Key, Alias, EXIF fill, image capture and more

Darknet resources
Check target person profiles in socials with 1 click using only name or photo

Face search
Monitor what's happening at a certain place live powered with geolocation features

Search by Geo
Search by phrase in darknet, match criteria searching in Pipl database via API, date search in social medias and many more

Advanced searches
Access 10+ billion records about people, companies, places and their connections gathered from internet leaks

Leaked databases
Identify affiliations with friends, groups, places, pages, organisations and events in seconds

Mutual social
Use instruments to find connected Ethereum accounts and transactions with a target individual
Access Pipl database, Bitcoinwhoswho, Securitytrails, Censys, Shodan, ZoomEye and others
Integration with 3rd party services
Analyze resources with large followings and connections without common troubles

Option for big data gathering


  • Powerful analytical tools wrapped into familiar and easy to use interfaces
  • Includes ready-to-use search frameworks for different professional fields
  • Instant investigation report generation


A web based solution for instant digital investigations
  • Customized methods and features development for your specific tasks
  • Integrates via API and connect any internal sources as part of additional work
  • Full technical support on the second and third lines under an agreement with SLA

Social Links BOX

Custom and private corporate solution
  • Includes full functionality with 700+ methods, 50+ socials and 30+ darknet resources
  • Includes 3000 queries per day
  • No results limit in Maltego XL, 10000 results limit in Maltego Classic
  • Requires Maltego Classic/XL

Social Links PRO

An essential tool for intelligence and investigation
  • Instant access, no license key required
  • 12 queries results limit
  • Limited list of search methods for GitHub, ZoomEye,, etc
  • Requires Maltego Classic/XL

Social Links CE

Free limited plugin for Maltego CE (Community edition)

  • Allows to use Social Links methods via API in various software environments: OSINT tools, CRMs, BI instruments and etc.
  • Allows to automate OSINT investigations and get unlimited number of results
  • Available in different programming languages


All Social Links search methods are available via API

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What is Social Links?
Social Links is software vendor that develops tools for collecting and analyzing data in open sources on the internet in general and in social networks in particular using so-called OSINT tools. They allow users to answer questions such as «Who is this person (or company)», «With whom is it associated and how exactly does it do so?»
What functionality do Social Links products provide?
Social Links products allow users to search, collect and analyze data in open sources, anything from social media and the dark web to leaked databases and blockchains. The platform provides access to over 700 search methods in over 50 sources and is used by some of the leading investigation agencies around the world.
What cases can users solve with your products?
Social Links products are used to successfully solve problems in a variety of business areas, including finding people and establishing connections between individuals, uncovering profiles, events and companies, screening employees and counterparties, finding leaks, and conducting investigations. The company's products allow users to effectively extract and analyze information from open sources, as well as connect proprietary sources.