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#OSINT intro by Social Links

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is a multi-instrument methodology for collecting, analyzing and making decisions about data accessible in publicly available sources. Nowadays, it is being used in many business applications, such as risk assessment, fraud evaluation, background screening, leak detection and many others.

Social Links has prepared a 30-minute session of the very basic OSINT methods that are being used by professionals all over the world to increase levels of data purity and informational security.
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Tuesday, December 8,
3 p.m. (utc)
3:00 - Demo session
3:30 - Q&A session
You will learn
How to conduct searches in social networks by name and face faster and more effectively
How to uncover the User Details of specific individuals' friends using only public and open information
How to identify the social circles of specific individuals: family, friends, colleagues, places and events
How to conduct searches in the Dark Web and connect social media profiles to Dark Web activities
How to search for profiles on social networks by email or phone number
How to use Social Links products for fraud detection, data enrichment, corporate security and more
Where and how are #OSINT methods used
Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies use OSINT to find leads on criminals and establish their connections.
Corporate Security
Corporations rely on OSINT tools to identify information leaks, brand risks, employee misconduct and much more.
Human Resources
Human resource departments use OSINT to conduct background checks on candidates and monitor employees' behavior.
Legal and Due Dilligence
Legal departments use OSINT tools to check the backgrounds of counterparties and identify risks of nonpayment, money-laundering and much more.
Media and Journalism
Journalists rely heavily on OSINT in the course of their investigations to identify points of interest and hidden connections in cases.
Research and Science
OSINT tools are used in science and research to establish scientific networks, conduct social experiments and uncover valuable data on population and other strata.
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