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Social Links CE in Maltego

A collection of free Social Links methods for Maltego CE
Social Links Community Edition (CE) is the free and non-commercial version of the Social Links PRO. It offers the quickest way to see Social Links in use. CE edition is limited in its capabilities, but still you can make a real investigation project and create transforms with its help.
What's inside?
● Free limited queries
Instant access:
No Registration,
No API Key required,
Just install and use.

● Approximate 5% transforms
In comparison with commercial Social Links PRO version (no Face recognition, etc.).

● 12 results max
Maximum 12 responses per query (Maltego CE limit).

● Without registering
Registration on is not required.

What is Maltego? Maltego is a data mining tool that mines a variety of open-source data resources and uses that data to create graphs for analyzing connections. The graphs allow you to easily make connections between information such as name, email organizational structure, domains, documents, etc.

Maltego CE is a Free Version with limited APIs (transforms). The main difference between paid versions is the number of entities that can be returned from a single transform and the maximum number of entities that can be on a single graph.

To start using Social Links CE you need to install Maltego CE first.

Here you'll find a short tutorial on how to do this.
Step 1. Installing Maltego

  • Download the appropriate Maltego CE version for your Operating System from here.
  • When download is complete, click the installer and continue in accordance with the installation guide.
  • Register a Maltego CE user account, which can be created here.
  • Run Maltego, agree with the License Agreement and log in with the created account. Click «Next» at the end.
We're done with Maltego CE. Now go to Social Links CE.

Step 2. Installing Social Links CE

  • Open Transform Hub.
  • Find SocialLinks CE and click on the Install button.
A note to our existing customers: you don't need to install SL CE. All transforms included into main seed and you can use it for free (even without SL license key).
Great! Now you have everything you need to start your first investigation.
Let's do the first steps together.

Start a new project

Before we start, a quick explanation of some words needed.

Entity is a piece of information shown as a node on the graph. Different Entity types are used to differentiate between the different pieces of information that can be represented in Maltego.

Transform is a piece of code that searches for information related to an Entity on the graph. Transforms allow you to query an API or database to show related info on the graph.

Starting work with Maltego

Press file icon with a plus in the left upside of the screen or press ctrl+T.
We will open a new workspace.
At the top of the screen there is a control panel where you can change settings, change the way information is displayed, save / load projects, manage transforms and appearance.

There is a palette of entities on the left, and from here we will take various objects to which we assign certain values.

In the center there is the window of graphs – the main working area. Here you will conduct the bulk of manipulations, the result of the transform will be displayed also here and connections between different objects will be drawn in this area.

On the left side at the entity palette chose «phone number». Press this object and drag it to the graph. Enter the phone number by clicking on the object icon.
Right-click on the entity and select Social Links CE.
Start [Skype] Search by Phone.
Here's the result.

Limitations of free versions

Both Social Links CE and Maltego CE are public versions, intended for educational use only.

Basic limitations:

  • Social Links CE includes approximately 5% functionality of Social Links Pro version. It is part of Kali Linux and gives users access to the Free Transformation Hub – a list of companies that offer trials of their Transforms for Maltego.
  • This plugin does not allow commercial use and only works with international social media – you will find nothing on regional networks.
  • The maximum output size for one Transform is limited to 12 Entities (first 12 results).
  • Maximum graph size is 10,000 Entities.
  • Technical support is absent, but export is available in any form, including in the OSINT reports in PDF with the graph applied. All this comes with registration (you will need to create an account for work).
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