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Social Links Teams Up With Jenny

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Social Links is constantly looking for new methods and forms of communication
with its users, including through the use of artificial intelligence. The Social Links team is delighted to have made its acquaintance with Jenny. The team is looking forward to her to introducing Jenny to its clients and expects to find new ones with her help. Jenny can be found at with access through the application and through a web portal.
The creators of Jenny describe the construct as a Security Web Intelligence platform that brings company users and cybersecurity vendors together.
The situation on the market is such that is equally difficult for cybersecurity vendors with innovative and new products to find each other. With Jenny's help, users can access thousands of vendors, and their cybersecurity products
and services to help them determine the best fit for their individual needs.
«We do not position our products only as cybersecurity tools, we see our task
in the wide development of OSINT tools,» explains Ivan Shkvarun, co-founder
of Social Links.
«However, we know that Social Links is often used by security specialists, both
in the IT industry and in general. There are tasks associated with establishing connections between individuals and companies, with finding contacts that
the subject of the investigation may want to hide. Our products are doing
an excellent job with such tasks, and we are confident that they are useful
to everyone who protects the law, order and safety of citizens, including
on the internet», as Ivan concluded.
More than half of law enforcement organizations in Europe use Social Links products, while corporate security tasks are also being successfully solved through their effective use.
«The cybersecurity market is developing rapidly and it's not easy to navigate it», emphasizes Andrey Kulikov, co-founder and CEO of Social Links.
«It will be great if Jenny can help introduce our products to those who really need them. A few years ago, when we first started working, OSINT was
the privilege of highly trained people. Now, with the development
of the functionality of tools, more and more people can conduct high-quality effective investigations. It is important that they understand that there are convenient and reliable tools to use».
The expansion of Social Links into the artificial intelligence construct industry
will allow the company to expand its scope of services and geography of clients.
The team is confident that its collaboration with Jenny will greatly benefit Social Links in its development.
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